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By Tom Knighton

The American political left loves them some teachers. We constantly hear about how teachers are freaking heroes and how we need to bend over and kiss their butts for deigning to take a job with a decent rate of pay, great benefits, and summers off. We’re told they’re really rock stars and should get even more of everything just for being teachers.

And, honestly, I’m not in total disagreement with that. Teaching is hard. I know what a knucklehead I was in school, and none of my teachers ever strangled me, so I get it to some degree. I’m not in total agreement, mind you, but I do recognize that the job does have its challenges, especially if you have one of my kids in your class.

But I generally trust teachers, despite having run into a few bad ones. I know that most are decent, law-abiding people. That’s why I trust them to carry firearms close to my children.

However, it seems that the same leftists who scream about how awesome teachers are, now seem to be taking a different approach to armed teachers. It seems they can’t be trusted with guns because so many of them suck at …Read the Rest

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