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By Micah Rate

One Las Vegas resort and casino is stepping up security measures to keep its guests safe by implementing new radar technology. The Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino will begin using new scans, known as Patscans, to covertly detect prohibited firearms and other weapons from being brought onto its premises.

The new technology, created by a security company from Canada, uses microwaves (not the device that heats up food) to scan an individual to see if they are carrying a firearm, knife, or other weapons.

Here’s more from Wired:

Marketed by Canadian security outfit PatriotOne, the Patscan CMR combines short-range radar with machine learning algorithms to scan individual guests for guns, knives, and bombs in real time—without forcing them to line up and walk through metal detectors. And unlike the giant, whole-body scanners you see in places like airports, Patscan units are small enough to hide inside existing infrastructure, from walls and doorways to turnstiles and elevator banks. Most people will never realize they’re there—and that’s exactly how Westgate wants it.

As Wired also reports, the scans have a range of two meters, about six and a half feet. If the Patscan …Read the Rest

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