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Lapua just introduced two new Long Range Rimfire ammo offerings. New for 2023, Lapua’s Super Long Range and Long Range rimfire ammunition are optimized for long range accuracy and consistency. The goal was to have extremely low extreme spread (ES) and standard deviation (SD), to yield the highest precision down range. Shooters competing in disciplines such as NRL22X and Rimfire ELR where targets are routinely placed beyond 300 yards, will benefit from Lapua’s new ultra-consistent Long Range rimfire ammo. Both the new Long Range and the Super Long Range have a 1106 FPS Muzzle velocity (from 26″ barrel) and a 0.172 G1 Ballistic Coefficient.*
Introducing Lapua Super Long Range and Long Range .22 LR Ammo
Lapua’s two new .22 LR cartridges are designed for use at distances of 100 yards and beyond. The result of extensive product development and extremely advanced production processes, Lapua Super Long Range and Long Range rimfire ammunition offer ultra-consistent velocities and BC values for every shot. These new ammo types are designed for those competing in .22 LR rimfire disciplines at longer ranges. Those disciplines include: NRL22X, PRS 22, Rimfire Long Range, rimfire benchrest, and Field Target shooting. These new ammo types provide excellent performance on targets

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