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LAPD officers shot a man who stabbed his sister’s boyfriend in the face and attempted to stab his own father last month. The body camera footage capturing this LAPD shooting, complete with commentary from the department’s Force Investigation division commander, can be seen above.


WATCH: Pursuit Ends with LA Shootout, One Dead From Officer’s Round

LAPD Shooting

On June 9 at around 11:45 p.m., officers responded to a call of a stabbing at an apartment in the city’s Lincoln Heights neighborhood. Upon arrival, they discovered the apartment was guarded by a metal security door. While waiting for breaching tools, they observed the suspect—22-year-old Victor Arroyo—armed with a knife and a screwdriver, and fighting with his father.

Arroyo fled to a back room while his father let the officers in. His father remained inside and followed him to the back room.

The officers, arming themselves with a less-lethal bean bag shotgun in addition to their duty guns, moved through the house. When they came to the back room, they saw Arroyo and his father fighting for the knife and screwdriver.

After repeatedly telling Arroyo to drop the weapons, one of the officers fired several …Read the Rest

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