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By Graham Baates

Langdon Tactical 92 Elite LTT
Langdon Tactical 92 Elite LTT

U.S.A.-( 15 years of active duty service in the Army left me with a bad taste in the mouth for Beretta 92s. The M-9 pistols we had were temperamental despite the NATO loads we fed them. Accuracy may have been mechanically sound, but the limited training we had combined with an unpredictable trigger meant that although we could qualify with the gun, I was not about to run out and buy one for my own.

I’ve since come to understand that poor training combined with an unrealistic major maintenance schedule was more to blame than the gun. My interest in the platform still waned as a lot has changed in both design and desires since the original 1985 design. Then I saw the Langdon Tactical 92 Elite LTT. The general lines and design were unmistakably Beretta 92, but the gun had been modernized, tuned, and refined. The experience is much like encountering a car of the same make and model as your own, but years newer and a couple trim levels higher.

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