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By Jeremy S

Lancer Media Day 2015

This is the last of three posts detailing the media event put on by Lancer Systems at the awesome shooting facilities of Virginia International Raceway. The first post covered some interesting facts about Lancer and its other, high-tech business units, and the second post concentrated on the various magazine-related, competition-style challenges and tests we did. While Lancer’s magazines continue to increase in popularity as more and more people realize they’re worth the extra couple bucks, I can’t say I’ve actually seen a Lancer rifle in the wild. Thankfully, the shooting events at VIR gave us a solid amount of hands-on experience with the company’s various AR-pattern offerings. . .

First we loaded up a handful of mags to do a little offhand shooting at steel and paper targets out to 100 yards. The rifle menu included three 5.56s and two .308s.

Lancer Media Day 2015

In 5.56 I shot the L15 Patrol Rifle, a handy little carbine with a 16″ barrel, adjustable stock, and a flash hider, and the L15 Outlaw, a 17″ Bartlein-barreled, Geissele SD3G-triggered AR-15 intended for 3-Gun type shooting. They’re both …Read the Rest

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