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By Bob Owens


Gov. Jay Nixon has issued what is largely a protest veto against popular guns rights legislation in Missouri.

Missouri’s governor formally rejected a plan Monday to significantly loosen state gun laws, calling the Republican-led initiative a “drastic departure” from current rules that would make the state less safe.

Gov. Jay Nixon, a Democrat, issued his veto message Monday on legislation that would eliminate the current requirementsMissourians must get in order to carry a concealed gun.

“Here in Missouri, responsible gun ownership and support for the Second Amendment are strongly held values. These values are part of who we are, and a tradition we pass from generation to generation,” Nixon said. “But I cannot support the extreme step of throwing out that process entirely, eliminating sensible protections like background checks and training requirements, and taking away the ability of sheriffs to protect their communities.”

Nixon’s veto was greeted with disgust from the National Rifle Association, who wasted no time in calling out Nixon’s dishonest excuses with a prepared statement.

The rights of every Missourian took a hit today after Governor Jay Nixon’s Sunday night veto of Senate Bill 656. Designed to expand protection opportunities, Senate Bill 656 would have …Read the Rest

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