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By James England

LAKE COUNTY, CALIFORNIA — Correctional officers working in Lake County are alleging that the Lake County Sheriff has violated a previous agreement, stopping them from carrying guns while on duty and outside the jail. Their current requirements stipulate they are not allowed to go armed into a correctional facility and they’re not allowed to be armed outside of transporting prisoners to and from the courthouse. This, correctional officers allege, places them at greater risk.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office apparently doesn’t even trust members of the law enforcement community to carry guns. That should really tell people how much faith in the Second Amendment this guy has got for the average citizen, let alone a sworn officer.

According to cases previously settled in court, the multiple legal fights have already tallied over an estimated one million dollars. That’s a million dollars flushed down the drain by the Sheriff’s Office and the county in fighting these types of cases.

via the Press Democrat

Sheriff Brian Martin issued a directive stating officers may carry service weapons only when they’re involved with transporting prisoners. They cannot carry their duty weapons when they merely stop by the office, fuel their vehicles or travel to and from …Read the Rest

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