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By Tim

Photo courtesy of AP

Photo courtesy of AP

How do you secure your firearm in your vehicle? If you live in a place similar to Lafayette Louisiana than you might want to think about securing your firearm after you exit the vehicle, whether it is on your person or in a lock box.

It seems that criminals are starting to get emboldened about raiding vehicles that whether have a firearm in partial or full view.

KATC recently put out a call to all gun owners in the local area to secure their weapons after the police reported that 219 firearms had been stolen out of cars within the last year. That is between 1-2 a day.

The death of a Lafayette officer was contributed in part to a firearm that had been stolen out of a car some time before the shooting occurred. The officer was given medical treatment and released. He is back in uniform and reporting for duty thankfully, but not all situations like that will have a happy ending.

Obviously we can know from being reasonable that all of these weapons are ending up in the hands of criminals. The local police chief issued this statement,

“I hope people see the connection between the amount …read more

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