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By Chris Eger

“These weapons will never be on our streets unlawfully in the hands of criminals,” said Sheriff Jim McDonnell as the guns were melted at a Rancho Cucamonga steel mill.
The guns, collected across Los Angeles County by 14 different departments included 2,778 from the LASD and 2,193 from outside agencies. Among the total destroyed in the 24th annual event were 3,520 pistols and revolvers as well as 1,451 rifles and shotguns.
“The collection of weapons here today can be credited to the solid efforts of law enforcement officers throughout Los Angeles County,” McDonnell said. “They will not be used to commit a crime or used to harm our residents.”
The Gerdau Steel Mill converts the reclaimed steel into rebar while the guns are brought to the plant by trucks donated by Los Angeles County Department of Public Works.
The images released by LASD show an accumulation of various firearms with a few notable collectibles including a 1980’s Franchi Law-12 shotgun and an 1880’s British Martini-Henry balanced against more contemporary guns such as an IWI Tavor and Taurus Judge. Many of the guns appeared to be in poor or broken condition.
Under California law, guns seized or collected by law enforcement that cannot be returned to


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