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By jbarnhill

Please Take Action Immediately!
As I reported in my last alert, after being passed favorably out of Senate Committee Judiciary C, Constitutional Carry bill HB37 has now been sent to the Senate Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Committee, where it is currently scheduled to be heard tomorrow afternoon, June 1st.
This will be the first vote taken on HB37 since the shooting in Uvalde, Texas, a horrific event which the anti-gun Left has politicized and is using as an opportunity to try and enact further gun control.
Currently in Washington, anti-gun Democrats, along with some anti-gun Republicans, are pushing to implement gun control measures, like Universal Background Checks, which would have had no effect in Uvalde, and will do nothing except impact the ability of law-abiding citizens to exercise their Second Amendment rights.
Tragic events, like what happened in Texas, show us is that NO LAW restricting a certain object is going to stop an evil, determined heart from killing. That is why the people’s right to defend themselves and others, and especially children, must be guaranteed!
Just like pro-gun Republicans in Washington, our pro-gun legislators in Louisiana will be under tremendous pressure not to support any pro-Second Amendment bills, especially Constitutional Carry bill HB37.

Source: Gun Owners of America

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