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By Johannes Paulsen

A recent settlement by a gun seller in Kansas with the mother of a murder victim was making the rounds this weekend. The matter of Shirley v. Glass, et al. is a terrible story featuring a bloodthirsty villain with a history of crime, including domestic violence, an elderly grandmother duped into serving as a straw purchaser, police who failed to intervene, and the murder of an innocent child. A civil case filed by the mother of the murder victim against the pawn shop that sold the weapon used in the murder was settled last week for the amount of $132,000, but it appears that at every step, whenever there was a chance for someone to make a decision that could have stopped the whole mess from going forward, the wrong choice was made . . .

There are a lot of lessons to be taken from this story: the ultimate uselessness of a Protection from Abuse order, the ineffectuality of background checks when people are determined to avoid them, the difficulty in getting a child removed from an abusive/homicidal parent, the importance of giving help and support to victims of domestic violence. I think it serves as a …read more

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