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By Michelle Scheuermann

BEAUMONT, TX (Ammoland.Com) – Kryptek Outdoor Group, LLC, a cutting-edge camouflage and apparel

solutions company founded by U.S. Army veterans, today announced that the United States District Court

for the Eastern District of Texas has rendered a Final Judgment and Permanent Injunction against

Defendants Salt Armour, Inc., Alpha Defense, Inc. and Thomas J. DeSernia for infringement of Kryptek’s

intellectual property, resolving a lawsuit filed by Kryptek on September 9, 2015.

Kryptek filed the lawsuit after Defendants ignored Kryptek’s multiple requests to cease and desist

brazenly creating, offering for sale, and selling counterfeit copies of Kryptek’s camouflage patterns and

products in an attempt to capitalize on the uniqueness and popularity the Kryptek patterns. Kryptek

developed and released its innovative patterns and products in connection with the U.S. Army

Camouflage Improvement Effort begun in 2011. Defendants further falsely claimed on their websites that

the counterfeited patterns were their exclusive creations and tried to conceal their true origin by renaming


The Court’s Final Judgment and Permanent Injunction of March 29, 2016 found that Defendants had

infringed on Kryptek’s copyrighted and patented camouflage patterns and willfully infringed on

Kryptek’s trademarks, and ordered Defendants to pay One Million, Seventy-Five Thousand Dollars

($1,075,000.00) as damages for the infringement, plus attorneys’ fees and costs of court. The Court …Read the Rest

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