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By Van Harl

Korean Made Dooms Day Clock

By Major Van Harl

Koreans Will Die & The U.S. Will Get The Blame
Major Van Harl USAF Ret
Major Van Harl USAF Ret

Wisconsin –-( By the time I was born there was already an East Germany and a West Germany.

There was a North Korea and a South Korea. In my mind there were four countries. Two were good and two were evil, supposedly.

By the time I was ten I had been to West German and not everything destroyed by WWII had been repaired. In my 20s I was in South Korea and there was little sign of the Korean War, except the lack of trees. The Japanese masters of Korea during WWII took most of the good trees for wood to support their war, and the Korean War destroyed most of the remaining trees.

What I failed to understand was that the average German did not see two countries. Germans on either side of the Berlin Wall saw one country, that was divided by forces the Germans could not control or counter. Koreans only saw one country that also was divided by the force of (allegedly) others, that they could not control or counter.

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