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By Tom Knighton

One of the most fundamental rights we have as human beings is the right to defend ourselves from attacks. After all, as a human, you have a right to exist, and any attack that threatens that requires a use of force up to and including taking the life of the attacker. You have a right to exist, and no one has a right to try and change that.

But not every country defends such a right, though. Take this instance from Korea:

A man has received a prison sentence for assaulting a driver who attacked him first.

The Seoul Eastern District Court sentenced the man, 39, to eight months in prison Saturday for retaliating against a driver, 52, who hit him first with a weapon after an argument about the driver’s driving style.

On the other hand, the court gave the driver a suspended prison sentence.

According to the prosecution, the driver hit the younger guy with a “blunt weapon” in anger last September after repeatedly being told to drive slowly.

But the younger man took the weapon from the driver and attacked him back with it, leaving the older man with injuries requiring six weeks of medical treatment.

The younger man claimed he …Read the Rest

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