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By Patriot Outdoor News

There are legitimate differences in line tapers, and that the more you learn about them and match the right line to your own style and interests, the better you will cast and the better you will fish.

When I look at the amount of time and energy devoted on this very site (with good reason) to topics related to cartridges for rifles, or shells for shotguns, or arrows for bows, I cannot help but wonder why so few fly anglers carefully consider the line they use. Seriously, if anglers thought half as much about what line to use on their 5-weight as a shooter does about whether to fire 165-grain or 180-grain bullets through a 30.06, most questions about how to effectively cast would answer themselves. And a good fly line can make a budget rod dance, while crappy line will knock the performance straight out of the most expensive, next-generation graphite rod.

It’s one thing to decide whether you want a double-taper (say, for delicate dry-fly presentations) or a weight-forward line (a good all-around option), or a sink tip (for fishing streamers)—that’s the easy part. But even if you are looking at the most common line (the WF5F) it’s …Read the Rest

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