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By Bob Owens


North Carolina’s relatively new (December 1, 2015) requirement to have mental health background checks on handgun purchasers hasn’t saved any lives, but it sure has created a mess as antiquated record-keeping systems run headlong into legal requirements for a timely search compounded by the demands of the North Carolina Sheriff’s Association to keep a Jim Crow-era pistol permitting system in place last year.

It may soon take as long to get a handgun as it does to get a machine gun. This is entirely absurd.

To get a gun permit in Mecklenburg County, there is a wait.

“It takes 10 days in California, six to seven weeks in Mecklenburg and now were hearing it might be six months,” said Larry Hyatt, gun store owner. “It’s totally unacceptable.”

Hyatt runs one of the busiest gun stores in the country. But there is nothing busy about a shelf in his store.
“These are handguns on hold while people are waiting for their permits,” Hyatt said while pointing at guns. “And this is just the G’s and H’s. There is almost 500 handguns waiting for permits.”

The number of permit requests flowing through the clerk’s office has been consistent, averaging 130 …Read the Rest

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