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By Chris Eger

Senate Judiciary Dems asked tough questions of Judge Kavanaugh during his marathon first round of questioning on Wednesday.
Kavanaugh, a U.S. Court of Appeals judge nominated by President Trump to in July replace the open seat on the U.S. Supreme Court left by the retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy, answered questions on his views on gun rights litigation in his second day of hearings.
In the more than 11-hours of back and forth with committee members, the jurist with a lengthy paper trail fielded a myriad of questions on immigration, abortion, an independent Judiciary and the limits Executive powers, but it was the Committee’s ranking Democrat, U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who probed him the most on the subject of gun policy.

Noting her office wrote the 1993 legislation that largely banned many semi-automatic firearms deemed to be “assault weapons” for a decade, the California lawmaker grilled Trump’s pick for the nation’s high court on his thoughts on such prohibitions.
“You specifically argued that the D.C. assault weapons ban was unconstitutional and I think because you said these weapons were in common use,” said Feinstein, referring to the jurist’s dissent from a majority opinion in the 2011 Heller II case which upheld the District’s ban.


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