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By Don Summers

Katie Bertino is a California transplant but claims she’s now ‘Texas’ through and through. Since moving to the Lone Star State she’s become a serious advocate for the Second Amendment. She recalls loading shot gun shells at the dining room table with her father. “I thought that was normal for a little girl, but I never considered myself a shooter or hunter… that was for my dad and brother,” she said. “But now things have changed. I got the bug to start shooting a few years ago.”
Her interest started when one of Katie’s girlfriends shared some information about a lady’s shooting league where getting to the advanced level meant that additional activities and training for shooting down range, navigating obstacle courses and learning shooting tactics were offered. Ms. Bertino decided “That’s it! That’s my jam!” and her obsession with shooting began.
Also, upon Katie’s arrival in Texas she began regularly attending a local church that had a security team and she wanted to be on it. Realizing that she would need a CCL license, she took the course and nailed it. She now carries every day and participates in protecting her church every weekend.
Left: Katie Bertino. Right: Sample plaque from Bertino’s


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