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By Tom Knighton

John Kasich wanted to be president. Right now, I’m damn glad he lost.

You see, the good governor is really frustrated. Why, you might ask? Well, it seems he’s really frustrated that lawmakers who were elected at least in part on being pro-gun are acting like actual pro-gun politicians.

No, seriously.

Gov. John Kasich is sounding off on the lack of movement on gun regulations that he’d proposed earlier this year, commenting on it in two separate public events.

Kasich talked mostly foreign policy and the NATO summit at the National Press Club in Washington, but he did note his frustration about a package of gun law changes that he hoped Republican state lawmakers back home would take up. “I have a legislature that refuses to consider common sense gun bills,” Kasich said.

You’re damn right they refuse to consider “common sense gun bills.” Part of that is common sense doesn’t play any part of it.

For example, he’s talking about expanding the list of prohibited persons in Ohio to include people who historically have no history of being a risk to people. Further, there’s no mechanism to restore anyone’s right to keep and bear arms, which is a fundamental violation …Read the Rest

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