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By Tom Knighton

Ohio Governor John Kasich wanted to be president, and over the last couple of years, he’s done everything he can to convince me that we dodged a serious bullet.

Most recently was his opposition to Ohio’s Stand Your Ground bill. He threatened to veto it, so Republicans caved and sent a watered-down version that went to his desk.

In a recent interview, however, Kasich talks about his career after leaving office and his thoughts on the new bill.

Departing Ohio Gov. John Kasich seemingly wants it both ways.

The Trump-bashing Republican, long in demand on TV political talk shows, thinks it “likely” he will end up in the news media, hopefully in some “unique” role on television.

That kind of makes you wonder how much of his opposition is heartfelt and how much is predicated on the idea that the media will like him if he’s a critic of President Trump, doesn’t it?

I mean, sure, it could be legitimate, but it seems clear that he’s pretty preoccupied with trying to be a media darling instead of supporting and defending the Constitution as he swore to do.

Then, there’s the gun thing.

With his governorship ending Jan. 13, Kasich also signaled he would veto a …Read the Rest

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