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By Chris Eger

Kasich, a one-time Republican presidential candidate who approved a string of gun rights protections while in office, has in this year changed course and backed several gun control proposals. (Governor’s Office)
Gov. John Kasich this month approved a pair of executive orders designed to review Ohio’s background check processes and expand the database used for the checks.
The first order would mandate that courts and police in the state upload personal protection orders and warrants into Ohio’s Law Enforcement Automated Data System, which the state uses to interface with the FBI’s National Criminal Background Check System which is in turn used by firearm dealers to clear checks before transferring a gun. The second order would make permanent a watchdog group that Kasich formed to ensure state compliance with NICS.
“I can’t imagine anybody that doesn’t believe that this information ought to be transmitted, so I think there will be a great willingness to improve this system,” said Kasich at a press conference.
The now-permanent group, first established in 2015, was composed of members from the Office of Criminal Justice Service of the Ohio Department of Public Safety, the Ohio Attorney General’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation, and the Ohio Supreme Court and produced a list


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