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By Chris Eger

As an excuse to display that their Saker ASR suppressor lines are full-auto rated and compatible with a wide variety of calibers, SilencerCo hit the range with both an FN M249 and a MK 48 MOD 1 for some trigger time.
Sure, the soundtrack sounds like they borrowed it from the DJ at an Iraqi wedding, but the machine guns are on point and they run a 300-round string through each. Sharing a 1.5-inch diameter, both the Saker ASR 556 and 762 are made with Stellite and stainless steel, featuring a Hoplon baffle that is billed as increasing the suppressor’s lifespan in SBR and full-auto applications as it helps deflect debris. MSPR varies by model from $864-972 but sound moderation (although stepped on in the video by the music) hits the 129-137 dB mark for loads ranging from 5.56mm NATO to .300WM.
If this clip doesn’t make you want to pass the Hearing Protection Act and/or repeal the Hughes Amendment and NFA, then we just don’t know what else could melt your butter.
Alternatively, the soundtrack could just give you a hankering for Muwashshah music. Maybe should have rolled with some Skynard.
The post Just SilencerCo showboating their Saker ASR line in belt-fed full-auto


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