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By Terril Hebert

Just In For Hunting Season: The Thompson Center Compass Rifle
Just In For Hunting Season: The Thompson Center Compass Rifle

U.S.A.-( The temperatures are cooling, the days are getting shorter, and a reclusive Bambi is getting more visible. Deer season will soon be upon us if it hasn’t started in your locale yet. While fewer hunters are hitting the woods year by year, hunting rifle options continue to increase at lower and lower prices. In the past, it was not uncommon for a hunting gun to be only one gun used for decades on end without much change but now you can get a decent hunting rifle for a few hundred dollars. This price tag used to be the realm of the single-shot rifle but over the last ten years, budget bolt actions have flooded gun store shelves. The Savage Axis, Ruger American, Remington 770 and 783, the list goes on. Another more recent addition is the Thompson Center Compass.

Thompson Center Compass Rifle

Chambered in a popular variety of cartridges from the zippy 204 Ruger to the 300 Win. Mag, the TC Compass is ordinary in some ways and extraordinary in others especially at its $300 price tag. The price, threading from the factory, and the …Read the Rest

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