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By Tyler Kee


Freshly delivered to my hot little hands is Ruger’s new wundergun, the Ruger Precision Rifle. Based on the comments under the presser we released a couple days ago, people are very excited at the prospect of a rifle that has all the accoutrements of a high dollar rifle with a much more affordable price tag. I’ve only had the opportunity to play with the RPR in my garage, but so far, I like what I see . . .

Starting at the business end, there’s a threaded muzzle perfect for attaching silencers and muzzle brakes. The threads look clean, and the shoulder appears to be squared pretty nicely.


This model is the .308 WIN generously provided by our friends at Kentucky Gun Company. The good news: Ruger is sending over the 6.5 Creedmoor version as well.

The .308 has a shorter twenty-inch barrel which is a very handy length. The barrel itself is quite thick and assuming it shoots well, should be able to stand up to long strings of fire. It’s covered by a Samson Evolution KeyMod rail that’s attached using an AR-10 style barrel nut. This makes future customization relatively simple and …read more

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