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By Brian Seay

Jurors on Thursday saw body camera footage showing former Milwaukee police officer Dominique Heaggan-Brown shoot Sylville Smith two times last August.
Prosecutors played the footage for the jury, and it’s the first time it’s being released to the public.
The clip shows Heaggan-Brown stop his police car, get out, draw his weapon, and chase Smith, who fell in front of a chain-link fence and tossed a gun. Heaggan-Brown shot Smith in the arm, and then again in the chest about two seconds later as he was on the ground. The entire sequence lasted less than 15 seconds.
“Sylville Smith is on the ground, his hands by his head, unarmed with nowhere to go,” District Attorney John Chisholm told the jury Tuesday during opening statements.
Prosecutors reiterated that point Thursday as they showed the video. But defense attorneys say Heaggan-Brown was doing what he was trained to do. The former officer has said he fired the second shot because he thought Smith had a gun in his waistband.
“A gunfight doesn’t end until the threat is stopped,” said defense attorney Jonathan Smith.
On Wednesday, jurors saw body camera footage from Ndiva Malafa, the other officer on the scene who was trailing Heaggan-Brown during the shooting.

Heaggan-Brown grew up in


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