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By Tom Knighton

While we all agree we don’t want our schools to become killing grounds, many of us would rather they not become battlegrounds at all. In theory, our schools are supposed to educate our children and nothing else.

Last year, however, students all over the country decided to interject politics into their schools and planned walkouts in support of gun control. While they do have that right, the schools seemed to fall all over themselves to support the measure. Then, when pro-gun students wanted to counter, schools suddenly found themselves tripping over themselves to get in the way.

However, sometimes it seems that the schools and even the students went way overboard. For example, allegedly spreading falsehoods about a sitting judge.

CARLSBAD – A state district judge has filed a defamation lawsuit against a local school board and several employees, claiming scurrilous and malicious false statements – including that she was part of a “white power movement” – were made about the judge and no school district official repudiated them, even though it was their duty to do so.

Fifth Judicial District Judge Lisa Riley on Thursday filed the suit against the Carlsbad Municipal School Board, its superintendent, a principal, another school …Read the Rest

Source:: Bearing Arms

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