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By Chris Eger

Over 100,000 law-abiding consumers who attempted to buy ammo in California over a seven month period were rejected, a factor that steered a federal judge to block the state’s restrictive bullet control law. (Photo: Chris Eger/
A federal judge on Thursday issued a preliminary injunction halting the background check requirement to purchase ammunition in California.
U.S. Senior District Judge Roger Benitez held in his 120-page order in the case brought by Olympic Gold Medal clays legend Kim Rhode against California Attorney General Xavier Becerra that the state had trampled on the Constitution by implementing the Prop. 63 ammo rules that have blocked many law-abiding Californians from being able to legally purchase bullets.
“The experiment has been tried,” said Benitez, a 2004 appointment by President George W. Bush. “The casualties have been counted. California’s new ammunition background check law misfires and the Second Amendment rights of California citizens have been gravely injured.”
In one group of 616,257 residents who attempted to jump through California’s background check hoop– which most adults with only a state-issued ID cannot accomplish without a U.S. Passport or certified birth certificate to back it up– 101,047 were rejected even though they were legal citizens who were not prohibited firearms possessors. Some


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