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By Jim Grant

ATI Israeli Galil Jim Grant
An ATI Galeo rifle built from an Israeli Galil parts kit.

U.S.A. -( The Jews For The Preservation of Firearms Ownership organization just released the following opinion piece outlining the dangers of recent political power-moves by anti-gun politicians and their ilk. While a bit over-the-top, it definitely outlines some great points, and showcases many of the reasons Americans should remain vigilant defending their rights. Check it out below.

Officials lack legitimate powers; Why isn’t public already armed?

Where is any delegated authority to deny people their gun rights?

HINT: There isn’t any. Officials are committing crimes by discriminating.
NJ has already capitulated–they know how wrong they are, and subject to repercussions

While gun-rights groups like the NRA and the Second Amendment Foundation properly attacked New Jersey and other “officials” for illegally and unconstitutionally demanding the closure of free gun and ammunition stores, the big picture is missing:

• The public should already be fully armed and trained for catastrophes

• People should have sufficient ammo and enough gun knowledge before disaster strikes

The very notion that “officials” claim the power to close free-market stores, especially constitutionally protected ones in times of great need, is abhorrent to our system of governance and economics. Officials who issue such edicts …Read the Rest

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