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By Jenn Jacques


I’m old enough to remember when being a journalist meant being committed to seeking out the truth and sharing it with your fellow citizens. But journalists today are more interested in pushing the gun control agenda than reporting facts.

In their rush to identify the firearms used in the Alexandria, VA shooting of Republican congressmen practicing on a YMCA baseball field, they showed their stupidity… and it’s pretty impressive.

Let’s see how many terms and or names they came up with, shall we?
WARNING: if this was a drinking game with ASSAULT as the buzzword, we’d all be drunk.



That’s not a picture of an SKS, Jim. That’s a picture of an AK-47.

— Stephen Gutowski (@StephenGutowski) June 15, 2017

A 2 second google search dude
Seriously not that hard

— PuckLuckBitch (@puckluckbitch) June 15, 2017

That’s an AK-47, not an SKS. Do you not have access to Google or books or a phone to call someone who has a clue?

— Sean Davis (@seanmdav) June 15, 2017

That gun in your picture is an AK-47. Not the same

— Michael Schwab (@michaelschwab13) June 15, …Read the Rest

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