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By Beth Baumann


Before Majority Whip Scalise’s office had the opportunity to make an announcement on his condition, gun control advocates took to Twitter to call for stricter gun laws. Shocker, right?

One gun control advocate, in particular, The Atlantic’s David Frum, tried explaining Virgina’s gun laws.

No background checks
No licensing
No registration
No permit req’d for concealed carry of long guns
Open carry long guns & handguns

— David Frum (@davidfrum) June 14, 2017

Except he’s completely clueless on gun laws in the state. The Washington Free Beacon’s Stephen Gutowski, decided to school Frum on Virginia’s gun laws.

Everything listed here is a lie.

— Stephen Gutowski (@StephenGutowski) June 14, 2017

Virginia, like all states, requires a background check on all new gun sales and all sales through licensed gun dealers.

— Stephen Gutowski (@StephenGutowski) June 14, 2017

Unlike many other states, Virginia requires a new FBI background check on each licensed gun sale even if the buyer has a ccw permit.

— Stephen Gutowski (@StephenGutowski) June 14, 2017

And, of course, Virginia requires a permit to carry a concealed handgun. The permit only allows you to conceal a handgun, not a rifle.

— Stephen Gutowski …Read the Rest

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