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By Jon Wayne Taylor

Donald Trump (courtesyt

Many people seem to think that this election has something to do with the protection of gun rights. It doesn’t. It doesn’t because one candidate, Senator Hillary Clinton, has made in clear by her words and by her actions that she will seek to curtail Americans’ constitutional right to keep and bear arms. And it doesn’t because the other candidate, Mr. Donald Trump, has no reason to make it about gun rights . . .In our well-deserved virulent hatred of Senator Clinton we have automatically given our support to Trump — because he’s not Clinton. I hear constantly: anything less than support of Trump is a vote for Clinton. Since we know Clinton is bad, and maybe Trump is ok, we have to at least “roll the dice” and get behind Trump.

This, “roll the dice” approach virtually assures that we will face attempted curtailment of our rights no matter which candidate wins the office. By taking an all or nothing approach so early in the game, we have assured that our concerns about gun right can be ignored by Mr. Trump, as our support is already taken for granted.

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