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By Scott Gara

John Hwang is the President of Rainer Arms but he is also the Founder of TriggrCon. caught up with him last week to talk shop about what he found to be some of the most innovative products on the show floor. Hwang started out by showing us some of the guns from Danger Close Armament, including a PPQ which had some beautiful stippling which was not only pleasant to look at but highly functional according to Hwang. He also showed us what he called “the most beautiful [Glock] 43 on the market right now,” this G43 featured a custom Streamlight config from Danger Close Armament which they can’t keep on the shelf.
The most beautiful 43 on the market right now according to Hwang (Photo: Scott Gara/
Fortis shows us small innovation by changing where the set screw goes (Photo: Scott Gara/
Next, Hwang took us to the Fortis Manufacturing booth to check out a new safety selector switch the company was releasing. Instead of the set screw going through the center of the safety this switch utilizes it going through the bottom. “A little bit of innovation, I know it’s very small, it’s mainly just aesthetics but there’s a set screw


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