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By Jennifer Cruz

A man out for an early morning run in his Cedar Hill, Texas, neighborhood Tuesday found himself face to face with an armed robber, but the man fought back with the only thing he had – a metal coffee cup.
The incident unfolded around 5:40 a.m. and part of it was caught on surveillance video.
James Rathbun said he was jogging, training for an upcoming race, when he noticed the suspect. At first, Rathbun thought nothing of it, gave the man a friendly wave, and said good morning as he passed. Rathbun was wearing earbuds during his run and didn’t immediately understand the suspect’s response.
“He said, ‘Give me your wallet.’ But I was thinking he said, ‘Give me some water.’ So I said, ‘I just have coffee,’” Rathbun recalled. “So, then he slaps me and I’m like, wait a minute…”
Rathbun removed his earbuds and the suspect again asked for the man’s wallet. Rathbun said he didn’t have one and was promptly slapped again. At that point, Rathbun fought back, striking the suspect in the face with his 32 oz. stainless steel coffee tumbler.
A fight ensued and as the two men fell to the ground, Rathbun heard two gunshots. Rathbun was struck in


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