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By David Codrea

Hypocrisy much? Jeremy Renner demands a plan. (Business Insider YouTube screencap from “The Violent Film Roles Of 8 Celebrities Fighting for Gun Control.”

U.S.A. – -( “Jeremy Renner says the novel coronavirus has landed him in an unexpected financial tight spot—and as a result, he has asked a Los Angeles judge to lower his child support payments,” The Daily Beast reports. “According to court documents obtained by TMZ and Us Weekly, the Marvel actor has asked to lower payments to his ex-wife, Sonni Pacheco, for their daughter, Ava, from $30,000 per month to something that more closely matches her ‘reasonable needs’—which he estimates amount to $11,201 per month.”

To paraphrase Bill Clinton perjuring himself in order to deny a woman claiming job-related sexual harassment her day in court, that depends upon what the meaning of the term “reasonable needs” is. Most of us manage to reasonably raise whole families and pay all living expenses and taxes on considerably less than Renner’s low-end “estimate.” Then again, we’re talking about a guy whose reported net worth is $50 million – not bad for uttering scripted …Read the Rest

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