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By Patriot Outdoor News

What do you think of how this mom handled the situation?

A Missouri mom was caught on video pointing a gun at a group of teenagers — though she says she never had any intention of firing the weapon.

Tracy Leeser said the teenagers were “threatening” her and her family, including her 15-year-old son, who texted his mom to come protect him at a park in St. Charles County, near St. Louis. Both Leeser and her husband, Don Leeser, grabbed their guns and Tracy Leeser also brought a baseball bat, the St. Louis Post Dispatch reported.

“Stay away from my goddamn son,” Tracy Leeser is heard saying right before taking out a gun.

“Don’t do that,” one teenager says after seeing the weapon.

“Keep pointing that f***ing gun at me. Keep it up. Keep it up,” another teen says.

Later asked about her intentions, Tracy Leeser said it was “to scare them off.”

“They were within a foot of me. I was scared to death,” she told KMOV-TV.

The tense confrontation prompted one of the teenagers, Tyrelle Ware, to take out his cellphone and start recording. He uploaded the video to YouTube, which has since been taken down.

“When she aimed the gun at me, I was kind …read more

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