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By Chris Eger

Curtis, who uses several firearms in an attempt to slay fictional psychotic killer Michael Myers in an upcoming film, is also a gun control advocate who stresses that she supports the Second Amendment. (Photo: Screenshot)
The Hollywood scream queen this week sparked debate over the contrast between her public statements on gun policy and her on-screen firearm use.
Curtis, 59, has handled guns off and on in a number of Hollywood films over the past several decades, most notably in her latest appearance in the Halloween slasher film franchise, the trailer for which shows the actress wielding a number of different firearms à la the fictional Sara Conner in 1991’s T2.
When Fox News pointed out the apparent hypocrisy on Tuesday that Curtis, an activist and self-described Democrat who helped campaign for Hillary Clinton in 2016, has also been outspoken at times in favor of more regulation on guns, it sparked a Twitter backlash from fans pointing out that Curtis was playing a fictional role, the details of which outlets such as the HuffPost reveled in.
On the right, Breitbart columnist AWR Hawkins countered that Curtis, despite being a gun control advocate, was portraying an “icon for armed self-defense” in the upcoming horror flick.


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