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By Micah Rate

(Ryan Green/Universal Pictures via AP)

The Hollywood elite embodies the phrase, “Do as I say, not as I do.” Some may say Hollywood is consistently inconsistent. While the nation’s favorite actors and actresses embrace their various causes, where they give speeches encouraging the American people to support gun control legislation, reduce carbon emissions to save the world from climate change, and believe any woman who comes forward claiming to be a survivor of sexual assault, hypocrisy runs rampant. The issue of firearms and the Second Amendment is one such issue where actors and actresses who claim to support gun control measures often take on movie roles where their characters use firearms.

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis is one of those stars whose track record of calling for gun control legislation following mass shootings appears to be contradicted by her movie roles.

As Fox News reported on Wednesday, Curtis is starring in the latest “Halloween” reboot, where she is forced to defend herself with a gun from the well-known villain Michael Myers. View the trailer below.

Evil is real. #HalloweenMovie

— #HalloweenMovie (@halloweenmovie) September 5, 2018

Fox News also noted that, after the mass school shooting in …Read the Rest

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