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By Robert Farago

James Yeager is at it again. The controversial gun guru is making waves with a new video. This time he’s responding to the so-called “war on the police” by urging “his brothers in blue” to stay home on September 11, the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. “They will be begging to have you back on the 12th,” he proclaims. This may not be the dumbest thing Mr. Yeager has ever said, but it’s certainly amongst his most deranged recommendations. Not only is it a form of petulant psychological extortion, it’s also bound to . . .

create an anti-police backlash of epic proportions. You know; if the cops actually followed his instructions. Which they won’t. Because they’re not stupid or callous enough to leave Americans defenseless against terrorists. Well, partially defenseless, given that we, non-LEO Americans, are the first responders to any sort of violence against the public.

Anyway, I understand the outrage members of the law enforcement community feel at what they perceive to be an ungrateful public. But this response wold do nothing to endear them to the people who pay their salaries. And everything to alienate them further.

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