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By Bob Owens


Wayne LaPierre of the National Rifle Association recently excoriated President Barack Obama for calling for more gun control laws at the same time Obama is utterly refusing to enforce the laws on the books.

He was entirely right to do so.

You need look no further than the murder of Omaha Police Officer and new mother Kerrie Orozoco to see the failure of the Obama’s revolving door criminal justice system.

Jalita Johnson straw purchased a handgun for her boyfriend and felon Marcus Wheeler.

Wheeler then used that gun to shoot Omaha, Nebraska Police Officer Kerrie Orozoco in the center of her chest, just over the top of her body armor, as she was serving a warrant.

Orozoco (above, center) was a beloved member of the community she served, and coached a youth baseball team.

Officer Orozozo died hours before she was to begin maternity leave, Her newborn daughter is now motherless, her husband a widower, and her stepchildren devastated.

Jalita Johnson’s penalty for helping to facilitate this murder and other gun crimes committed by her felon boyfriend?

A slap on the wrist.

A Clayton County woman was sentenced to a year of probation for lying about the gun she purchased for …Read the Rest

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