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By Chris Enloe

Gun control advocates argue that more regulations on firearms will decrease gun violence in the United States. Relinquishing liberty for increased safety is a worthy trade-off, they argue.

However, if the mass killing in Jacksonville on Sunday provides clues as to the validity of such arguments, an objective observer might conclude that increased gun laws are not as effective as advertised.

What are the facts?

First, law enforcement revealed Sunday the Jacksonville killer was not from Florida. In fact, he lived in Baltimore and was in town competing at the Madden Football tournament that he late shot up. Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams also revealed the killer used a semiautomatic handgun.

Then on Monday, court filings obtained by The Associated Press revealed the killer was previously hospitalized for mental illness and was prescribed both anti-depressant and anti-psychotic medications.

What does this mean?

Despite the killer’s history of mental illness, he was still able to obtain the firearm used in Sunday’s tragedy. That means he successfully passed Maryland’s rigorous process for purchasing handguns.

That process includes being fingerprinted by the Maryland State Police, completing a satisfactory firearms safety course, obtaining a Handgun Qualification License from the MSP, completing a background …Read the Rest

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