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By Brandon Curtis

The gunman who opened fire during a video came championship in Jacksonville over the weekend, killing two and injuring many others, had purchased the two handguns legally in his home state of Maryland within the last month.

Police still aren’t sure how he traveled with them or how he was able to get them into the event, which was held at a bar and ‘gun free zone’ in Florida.

In Maryland, a permit is required to purchase a handgun. The permit process includes taking a course, background check, and being fingerprinted.

Could this have been another case of information not making it into the NICS system when a background check is made on a person looking to purchase a firearm?

CNN reports;

Federal gun laws prohibit anyone who has been committed to a mental health institution against their will — or adjudicated “mentally incompetent” — from legally purchasing a firearm. A clinical history of psychological issues does not preclude someone from buying a gun. And such medical records are considered private, protected patient information.

As far as the history of mental illness goes, it seems to be pretty well documented with this particular individual.

[The gunman], who was 24, was prescribed a number of …Read the Rest

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