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By Jenn Jacques

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We’ve all heard it. The anti-gun speech condemning guns, pleading to ‘stop the killing’, insisting we come together to do ‘Whatever It Takes’ to save just one more life. We’ve all made our counterpoints: That someone could just as easily (if not more easily) grab a knife and stab their victim or strangle them to death with their own hands. We’ve had this back and forth many times.

So what’s going to break this impasse?

This morning, the Las Vegas Sun published this Letter to the Editor:

I read through it with the usual “blah blah blah” running through my head, lots of eye rolling, maybe a few tongue clicks. But then I saw something. Did you catch it? The very last sentence. It’s all right there. The author says, “Please stop the killing.”

Great. Yes. Please stop the killing. Who is she asking to stop the killing, the more than 100 million legal gun owners in America who own guns for self defense or shooting sports? Or is it the criminals who are actively searching out guns illegally to commit their crimes?

Let’s identify the problem before we label we try to confront it, shall we?

Guns are not the problem, …read more

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