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By Bob Owens

SilencerCo Maxim 9

SilencerCo has just announced that they are nearly ready to release the Maxim 9, the first integrally-suppressed 9mm pistol that will be holsterable and hearing safe with any pistol ammunition.

Integrally-suppressed firearms are a very smart concept purely from an environmental health perspective, as they lower the sound of the shot to levels that are not going to damage your hearing.

People who have had to fired unsuppressed firearms often have to deal with temporary and sometimes permanent hearing loss as a result. Even shooters who are careful to use hearing protection when they shoot often develop permanent hearing loss or and tinnitus.

Our technology is advancing to the point that we can manufacture practical firearms that are hearing safe from the factory. While the distinct sound of a gun being fired will still exist, the noise will be reduced to the point it won’t cause permanent hearing loss.

The single biggest obstacle to getting suppressors into widespread use is the archaic and increasingly obsolete National Firearms Act of 1934 (NFA).

Originally authored in response to the gangland shootings of the Prohibition era, the NFA restricted numerous type of firearms. Among those heavily-restricted were fully-automatic and selective-fire weapons, short-barrelled rifles …read more

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