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By Justin Stakes

Oklahoma Second Amendment Association (OK2A)

The Gun-Grabbers Are At It Again

Oklahoma Second Amendment Association (OK2A)

Earlsboro, OK -( With the gun-grabbers re-intensifying their efforts to take guns away from law-abiding citizens, it is important that we strengthen the right to keep and bear arms at all levels of society.

The Oklahoma Second Amendment Association (OK2A) continues to work with other state and national organizations to fight attempts to grab our guns and we work to restore the Second Amendment at the state level.

While, Oklahoma’s gun laws look good on the surface, we actually have a serious problem that needs to be fixed. Did you know that the Oklahoma Supreme Court has said that gun owners in Oklahoma only have as much rights as this year’s Legislature decides they do? That’s right, Oklahoma’s courts through bad case law have decimated our right to keep and bear arms.

In particular, three court cases from 1908, 1929, and 1998 have forced the need to rewrite Article 2, Section 26 of the Oklahoma Constitution (our state’s version of the 2nd Amendment).

OK2A has proposed an amendment to Article 2, Section 26 called HJR 1009. It is waiting to be voted on by the State Legislature. Once they pass it, HJR 1009 …Read the Rest

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