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By Jacki Billings

TSS shot is advertised as maintaining velocity farther, hitting harder, and penetrating deeper than any waterfowl payload ever has. (Photo: Federal Premium)
Federal Premium proved the devastating knockdown power of Tungsten Super Shot by packing the tiny, dense shot into .410 shotgun rounds and claiming trophy tom turkeys at distance. Transferring that technology into the bigger bores of both 12-and 20-gauge shotgun shells is almost an unfair advantage for waterfowl hunters…almost.
What is Black Cloud TSS
Turkey hunters have been embracing Federal Premium TSS shot for several years now, with many other companies now making use of the tungsten advantage over steel; however, Federal has parlayed that advantage into the waterfowl market. While several 12-gauge options were introduced last year, 2020 marks the first announcement of Black Cloud TSS 20-gauge.
What makes TSS unique is its design which is 56-percent denser than lead with more density than steel, according to Federal. “TSS pellets maintain velocity farther, hit harder, maintain their shape better and penetrate deeper than any waterfowl payload ever has,” the company said in a news release. There’s also a lead-free Catalyst primer and fast-burning powder for cleaner performance.
The loads blend 40-percent FliteStopper Steel with 60-percent TSS. (Photo: Federal Premium)
These loads blend 40-percent


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