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By Ammoland

"The Bridge" by artist John Falter

Comments by Vincent DeNiro.
(Editors Note, the following internet posting “The Price Our Founding Fathers Paid” ~ Unknown Author, while mostly accurate has some facts not totally correct, but is still an important enough reminder to be include here.)

“The Bridge” by artist John Falter
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USA – -( You don’t say “Happy December 25th!” on Christmas Day or “What are you doing for the 25th?” do you?

Remember, Independence Day (NOT “the fourth” or “The Fourth of July) is not about hot dogs, swimming, BBQs, drinking beer, store sales, etc.

It’s about the separation from an oppressive government and the American Revolutionary War which gave Americans something that no other people in the history of the world ever had – true individual freedom & liberty where the government was subservient to them.

Read and reflect about what the first American people went through so that you could have a Bill of Rights, the right to vote, freedom to speak, own weapons for defense, freedom of religion, ability to own private property, freedom from government oppression, and many other freedoms that set us apart from ALL other governments in world history.

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