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By Rob Morse

Main Stream Media Fake News
It’s Harder to Fool All of Us All the Time, but Finding the Truth Takes Work

U.S.A. -( The ultimate wealth is the gift of time. We’ve compressed time so that any of us can find news on our phone in seconds. In that sense we are all rich and powerful. We have dozens of news sources on our tablet or personal computer. We can do in seconds what it used to take weeks to do in newspaper archives and research libraries. Unfortunately, web outlets like Google, Facebook and Twitter are as slanted and partisan as the smokey old newsrooms they replaced. Online sources twist the truth, but we are the ultimate lie detector.

We can absorb an unbelievable number of headlines..and we can also explore the news that contradicts what we already know. New ideas stand out. So do old lies. Experts may tell us we were wrong, but take your time before you believe them. We trust what we know because we’ve examined those beliefs over a long period of time and across a wide range of circumstances. We detect a lie because it does not fit with the immense body of information we’ve already tested and come …Read the Rest

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