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By Ammoland

Gun Freedom Radio Show

Catch hour two of Gun Freedom Radio Show at the bottom of the page..

Gun Freedom Radio Show

Avondale, Arizona – -( Guests:

  • John Marshall, Author of “101 Classic Firearms” & Blue Press Contributor, discussing the beauty and history of firearms.
  • Greg Hopkins, Author of “A Time To Kill: The Myth of Christian Pacifism”, self-defense from a Biblical perspective.
  • Alan Korwin, Owner of Bloomfield Press, Author of 14 books, Blogger, & Speaker, discussing gun rights.

Today’s show was introduced with Ronald Regan’s famous speech ‘Freedom is Never More Than One Generation Away from Extinction’. His message is more powerful than ever in light of the Paris Terrorist Attack. Freedom could possibly be only one terrorist attack away from extinction.

Dan and Cheryl discuss the Future of Freedom event presented by 960 The Patriot. The event featured Hugh Hewitt and Ann Coulter discussing the presidential candidates and the effect open boarders is having on the United States.

Army Veteran, John Marshall, Contributor to Blue Press and Dillion Precision, has written and photographed a beautiful coffee table book “101 Classic Firearms” ( ) . Marshall’s two favorite firearms are a 1911 Pistol by Master John Browning and an …Read the Rest

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