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By Johannes Paulsen

The Los Angeles Times reports that a woman was murdered in Los Angeles Sunday night when a man walked up behind her, aimed a shotgun at her head, and pulled the trigger, leaving police scrambling to find a motive. “Carrie Jean Melvin and her boyfriend were walking through their Hollywood neighborhood on their way to get some food when someone walked up behind them, aimed a shotgun at her head and pulled the trigger.” . . .

The gunman jumped into a black sedan and drove off. Melvin died at the scene.

On Monday, the motive for the brazen attack the night before remained as mysterious as the gunman. An LAPD homicide detective said investigators were still trying to determine why Melvin, 30, was shot and not other people who were on the street at the time. Her boyfriend was unharmed, police said….

Skaggs said investigators believe the shooting was an isolated incident because the circumstances didn’t match any recent crimes. But he acknowledged it was “alarming because of the nature of the violence.”

The initial information indicated the gunman acted alone, Skaggs said. He was described as a black man in his mid-20s, about 6 feet tall, wearing dark clothes, …read more

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